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Item Code #: SVSC-6F-130
Item Code #: SVV-275
Item Code #: FTK-580
Item Code #: FTK-582
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Fishing Instruments  | Fly Tying Kits  

Name: Fly Tying Kit
Art #: FTK-582
Products Detail:
FTK-582 Shine View Professional Fly Tying Kit This is a stunning fly tying kit for the professional or serious fly tyer. Made from stainless steel these tools have a superb weight and balance beautifully in the hand. This really is the kit with everything that a fly tyer needs for day to day use including: whip Finisher Dubbing Teaser Dubbing Twister Hair Packer Teflon Hair-stacker Cement Applicator Tweezers fine point Bobbins with ceramic nozzles Bobbin Threader Dubbing Twister Bodkin Whip Finisher Rotary CDC Tool all enclosed in our handy leather look case, perfect to protect your tools at home, at your fly tying club, on holiday or even by the river.
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